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Banquet Chairs Brisbane

While all your competition works to update their banquet halls into event space for catered gatherings, you have a different vision. Rather than focus on food service, which would require a new set of licenses, you want to turn your hotel’s unused banquet halls into a venue space for lectures and performances. Low on space, this route establishes you in a niche market while eliminating the need to store a fluctuating assortment of tables and buffet stands. You’ve been browsing retail options and finding that banquet chairs range significantly in style and price. You’ve also discovered that importing banquet chairs to Brisbane is exceedingly expensive. Don’t give up now, instead contact Turn Key Furniture to find the perfect wholesale banquet chair for your venue space. At Turn Key Furniture, we offer a broad range of banquet chairs that suit every style and budget.

The Perfect Wholesale Banquet Chair is a Click Away

Turn Key Furniture is a combination of three long-established and successful Australian furniture companies. Our quality craftsmanship and partnerships with international manufacturers have made us one of the leading furniture companies in the South Pacific. Decades of experience in hotel furniture manufacturing and various collaborations with entities within the hospitality industry has taught us that personalisation is everything in today’s marketplace. If you book a small conference that expects 25 people, you’ll earn bonus ratings if you make them feel as though they are the only ones intended for the space.

To get rid of all those extra banquet chairs your Brisbane staff would have to move chairs individually from one room to another. If the chairs are fixed and don’t fold or stack, you’ll need to have the extra unused space to store the chairs. Instead, consider purchasing stackable banquet chairs that can be removed and stored when they are not required. Instead, browse our online galleries or come and explore our showroom in Melbourne to select the perfect wholesale banquet chair for your space.

Turn Key Furniture Solutions Has You Covered

We have mastered a streamlined operation that allows you to realise your goal quickly and efficiently. Avoid the high cost and long waits attributed to importing when you ship banquet chairs to Brisbane from one of our eight domestic, inventory-holding, warehouses. While our broad range of designs covers a wide range of styles and qualities, we are furniture manufactures and our in-house design team is capable and happy to sit down with you and design customised banquet chairs.

Our banquet chairs are robotically welded for superior and lasting strength, are safe to stack 10-high, and have hundreds of fabric and style choices. Dedicated to customer care and satisfaction, we offer a 10-year guarantee on all our products ensuring that your investment with us is the start of a long partnership. We make working with us so easy that you’ll come back for all your hotel furnishing needs from accommodation rooms to lobbies and all the accessories and décor in-between.