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Choosing the Right Commercial Hospitality Furniture; Where to Buy a Hotel Bedroom Set or Furniture in Perth

Hotel design has evolved continually over the years in response to guests’ experiences and preferences. Your commercial hospitality furniture plays an important role when it comes to giving your guests what they want in a hotel. That’s what makes the choice of how to furnish your hotel such an important one. Consider these three basic criteria when making your selections.


The style of hotel bedroom furniture and furniture for other areas of the building can reinforce your hotel’s personality. Put some thought into the kind of message you are sending with your furniture. You may want to buy hotel furniture from a manufacturer who can help create custom designs for the best possible fit. For example, when designing your guest rooms, space is most likely at a premium, and bespoke furniture can help you achieve the right scale. In restaurants and lobbies, style and scale are equally important – for instance, ensuring that an end table is designed to work with the adjacent sofa so that it not only looks great but is also convenient for the person sitting on the couch to rest their drink.


Modern hotel guests expect a sensory experience. Hotels no longer choose looks over substance, opting instead for comfort, flexibility, and convenience for guests and staff alike. This may mean ensuring that your common areas can also function as living rooms, cocktail lounges, waiting areas, or business centres. The right furniture placement is key to achieving these zones. For example, a large sectional and a few low-backed chairs are inviting to all; a raised bar top near reception provides both privacy and visibility for business travellers.



Every hotel bedroom set, sofa, chair, and table you choose for your establishment will have to remain stylish and withstand a tremendous amount of wear and tear over its lifetime. The hotel furniture manufacturer you work with should be able to help you determine the best materials, including fabric, colours, and textures, as well as how to strike the right balance between durability and aesthetics. A good designer can incorporate durability in a way that won’t take away from the overall look and feel of the space or the furniture itself.

Where to Buy Hotel Bedroom Furniture in Perth

Whether you only wish to replace the beds or chairs in your hotel or you need a complete furniture set or package, Turn Key Furniture can help. We are the top supplier of commercial hospitality furniture for hotels, motels, and resorts in Perth and throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our focus is quality, custom-made furniture, and hotel FF&E. With over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing and hospitality, we are your trusted partners in superior hotel furniture fit-out.

Choose from our pre-designed options, or we can collaborate with you to create a bespoke package that’s perfect for your unique hotel. With seven warehouses and a commitment to outstanding service, we can make regular shipments throughout Australia and New Zealand, ensuring that our customers receive what they need when they need it. Contact Turn Key Furniture to find out more about our hotel furniture solutions.