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The Importance of First Impressions and Where to Find Quality Wholesale Hotel Furniture Suppliers in Perth

When guests walk through the door of your hotel, they’ll form an impression of your business within seconds based on what they see. Many of them will decide whether they want to stay or not based on factors such as your location, style, cleanliness, and furniture. If they have an unfavourable initial impression of your business, they may cancel a booking or shorten the length of their stay. Even worse, they’ll tell their friends about their experiences. Therefore, it is crucial to make a positive first impression on your guests by giving your hotel an attractive, calming look and feel. Your furniture is a perfect place to start, as its quality and style will speak volumes to your guests. In fact, your furniture is just as important as your service and food when it comes to maximising your rankings.

Hotel Profitability

Well-designed guest rooms, lobbies, restaurants, and conference rooms can have a significant impact on your hotel’s profitability. The spaces within your hotel should be planned and designed well to allow easy access and superior comfort to everyone who uses these areas. Be sure to give some thought to the little extras that offer your guests something special to remember, such as well-placed nooks for informal business meetings or cosy conversations. Today’s guests also expect free Internet access, so comfortable areas with low noise and adequate lighting for laptops are also appreciated. In general, you want to give your guests a visually compelling reason to visit, whether it’s for a weekend stay or just to meet a friend for a drink. Impress them with your style, and they’ll keep you in mind for their next conference venue or party.

Where to Find Wholesale Hotel Furniture in Perth

At Turn Key Furniture, we can help make your vision for your hotel a reality. We embrace challenges and can source anything you need including standard and custom designs. No task is too big or complicated; we look forward to the opportunity to be your trusted wholesale hotel furniture suppliers. Don’t wait for your competitors to beat you to the new look you want. At Turn Key Furniture, you’ll find quality service and options to suit every budget, standard and custom options, and a wide variety of choices when it comes to hotel furniture in Perth.

Our 20+ years’ experience makes us one of the top suppliers in Perth and throughout Australia and New Zealand, allowing us to provide you with the most suitable furniture solutions for your operation and a great ROI. Our broad manufacturing abilities empower us to create almost any design at the most efficient cost. We offer furniture solutions for your entire establishment, including guest room, lobby, banqueting, restaurant, and outdoor. Whether you need to replace all your guest room beds or choose a full hotel refurbishment package, Turn Key Furniture has the flexibility and ability to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more.