Naked Conference Tables

Get the Edge.

Your Naked Tables are truly exposed and on show whenever they are in use, which means that they need to be protected from damage at all costs.  TOP EDGE is a major technology breakthrough in commercial furniture. It is created by injecting liquid polyurethane through a laminated table top placed in a mould . As the polyurethane hardens, a seamless, moisture resistant seal is created around the table’s edge. With its smooth and strong chemical formulation, the TOP EDGE is probably the most resilient, long-lasting table top on the market.

Traditional 'T-Mould' edges are also available for your naked tables, featuring the standard edge finish which is mechanically attached to a pre-cut groove in the table edge. However, T-Mould edges can be prone over time and heavy use to detach, split or dent and make for an unsightly table top.

All of our Naked tables are available in both edge options to suit all applications and budgets.

'Top Edge'

Injection-moulded edging

Traditional 'T-Mould' plastic edging

Conference & Classroom
Standard Trestle
Cabaret Round & Oval Tables
Registration Table
Boxed-up Trestle Tables with removable side and front panels
Half Round Banquet Table
Serpentine / Crescent Tables
Quarter Round Tables
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Woodgrain finish options

Click on the woodgrains to see the full range

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