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Jump into the gruesome world of the Golem, where merciless creatures like rats and iced wraiths haunt the darkest of graveyards. Discover various traps, items, and secrets. Return to the shattered lands of Jotunheim, where you fight a dragon to enter the mountains. Explore an unknown land teeming with secrets, and powerful foes that will leave you in a rush. Meet the powerful alchemist, who performs spectacular and dangerous feats. Become the golem of your dreams with his special Golem mutation. The rugged lands of Norheim, plagued with forest spirits and ghosts of the dead. Explore the dungeons, ruins, and haunted houses of Norheim and unravel the mysteries. Face the risen Dead King and defeat his undead army of servants. The Dead King himself lies in wait, in a lair deep within the forbidden forest. Lost in the brutal land of Ravenholm, you must survive the savage hordes. Earn your place as the future bearer of the black blade. Meet the spirited gnome, who will tell you a story of the sages of the east, and provide you with a special ability. Get ready for a game-changing weapon with Maghda’s amazing wizard staff! Tired




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Aggelos Free Download Crack With Full Game
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