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Choosing the Right Stackable Banquet Chairs and Where to Find Wholesale Banquet Hall Chairs for Sale

Businesses use banquet hall chairs for many reasons, from conventions and presentations to corporate and school events. Stackable banquet chairs are easy to rearrange for various events and easy to store away while you aren’t using them. Here are some things to consider when you’re looking for banquet chairs for sale for your business.

Plastic vs Upholstered Chairs

The type of banquet chair material you want will depend on the intended use of your chairs. For example, if many children will be using your chairs or if they will be used for arts and crafts or dining, plastic chairs may be your best bet because they are cost-efficient and easy to clean. However, the trade-off is that upholstered chairs are very comfortable and may look more professional while still being practical and stackable. One option is to purchase some upholstered chairs for corporate or other adults’ events and plastic ones for children’s areas.

What Colour?

In general, neutral-coloured chairs are the best choice when it comes to banquet furniture. Neutral colours will work with any other décor you might have and will withstand the test of time. Of course, you could use your chairs as a statement piece and choose a bold, bright colour to add a dose of fun to your space. As long as you consider the overall design and purpose of the area, feel free to choose the colour you think will work best.

Storage Space

Stackable banquet chairs are highly efficient when it comes to taking up space – but they do still take up space. Think about the room you have to store your chairs before choosing the right ones. Thin plastic chairs will take up less space than thick, upholstered pieces. Also, some chairs are wider or taller than others, which will impact the amount of space they require even when stacked. If space is an issue, look for smaller chairs.


Will the Chairs Sit at Tables?

If you will be using your chairs around tables, consider the dimensions of the tables. For example, you will be able to fit fewer wide-leg chairs around a table than narrower chairs. Also, be sure that the height of your chairs is proportionate to the height of your tables (lower tables will require shorter chairs).

Where to Find Banquet Chairs Wholesale

At Turn Key Furniture, we offer banquet chairs wholesale along with a wide range of other furniture options including upholstered furniture, restaurant furniture, upholstered furniture, curtains and blinds, artwork, rugs, and much more. We also offer complete fit-out solutions for hotels. We have over 20 years’ experience in the hospitality and furniture manufacturing industries as well as seven warehouses throughout Australia and New Zealand for fast, convenient shipping. If it’s banquet chairs you’re after, we have a wide, diverse range of stackable pieces made to order as well as tables and buffet services. Our variety of products allows us to work to suit any design preference and any budget. For great furniture solutions at competitive prices, contact Turn Key Furniture today.