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Find Stacking Chairs in All Kinds of Styles from Leading Manufacturers

It's a common sight in event venues, banquet halls, and convention centres across Australia: a large group of stacking chairs in storage or kept on one side of the room, waiting for the next big gathering. Stacking banquet chairs provide one of the most cost and space-effective ways to provide comfortable seating for small and large groups of people as circumstances demand. Whether your organisation has an urgent need for additional seating for an event that is fast approaching on the calendar, or you intend to fit out a brand new space, the right source for chairs can make your job much more straightforward. At Turn Key Furniture Solutions Pty Ltd, we offer convenient access to dozens of popular designs.

Tips Regarding Selecting Stacking Banquet Chairs

Before you make any decisions, however, you should know what to keep in mind as you browse our product catalogue and consider what will work best in your particular application. You’re making an investment in equipment that should have the ability to last over the long-term, after all. Here are our tips:

  • Consider chair height in relation to the height of your existing tables. While many chairs rise to the same level, some may be shorter or taller; take steps to ensure that your guests do not find themselves sitting in an awkward or uncomfortable position.

  • Ask about how many chairs can stack safely before you must start a new column. When you want to make the most economical use of space possible, understanding how to avoid creating stacks too big to manage is important.

  • Don't see what you need? Ask about custom options. We can coordinate with our extensive manufacturing connections to provide you with a chair that meets rigorous specifications. 

Related Services We Provide Alongside Stacking Chairs in Melbourne 

At Turn Key Furniture Solutions, we excel at offering our customers a fast and effective option for procuring chairs and other C&E furnishings. However, chairs are far from the only option we have to offer our clients. You can also take advantage of our ability to provide services such as:

  • Banquet tables. Create beautiful place settings on elegant, easy-to-use tables ranging from small to very large sizes.

  • Mobile stages. Easily erect a place for an emcee, a band, or other event-related functions to take the stage within your banqueting spaces as well. 

  • Buffet tables. Enable those using outside catering to quickly and easily set up for a well-executed event with a vast range of buffet equipment for all kinds of banquets.

Why Turn Key Furniture Solutions is a Cost-Effective Choice for Stacking Chairs 

With a selection that can meet every level of need, we've taken the hassle away from fitting out C&E spaces. Our catalogue includes not only higher-end chairs, but also options that deliver the same type of quality construction at a price point friendlier to many operational budgets. Don't see the right solution? Let us know — we can either work together to customise a product, or we will scour our catalogue to help identify the right solution. Get ready for your next event today.