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Come to Turn Key Furniture to Buy Wooden Trestle Tables for Sale

A trestle table is a unique addition to any room. This style of table is practical and allows for easy set-up and breakdown which saves you time and energy during your busy day.

Turn Key Furniture is a leading distributor of trestle tables to buy. We cater specifically to the hospitality industry and collaborate with you to furnish any room including lobbies, guest rooms, or banqueting halls.

Development of Trestle Tables

Trestle tables have a long-standing history as one of the earliest table developments. We can see the outline of the design in ancient Rome in the form of marble and stone. The style advanced in the Middle Ages when builders changed the material of the table to wood with a board that they placed over the trestle legs of the table. By changing this small feature, the trestle table grew in popularity because it became easy to assemble and store when it not in use.

Over the centuries, people have used trestle tables for different reasons apart from just dining. In the 1800s, trestle tables were used as children’s furniture. Once again, their easy set-up provided a quick and efficient method that was appealing for schools and care centres that needed to give a child a table to learn and study.

Trestle tables continue to be popular around the world. Today, trestle tables can come in all shapes and sizes, and you can use them for almost any purpose. The appeal of wooden trestle tables for sale remains high among clients who are looking for an element of old-world charm in a technology-driven environment.

Things to Remember When Considering a Trestle Table for Sale

The first thing to consider when looking at trestle tables to buy is the style. If your goal is to use a trestle table for a conference room, the best choice would be a modern style table. However, if you are interested in adding an element of class to a restaurant or dining room, one of our wooden trestle tables for sale may be a better option.

The size and shape of the table both play central roles in your choice. It is important to remember to consider how many people you need to seat at a table as well as the amount of space you have in the area. A good rule of thumb is to measure before you start your table search to be sure are considering tables that will fit.

Let Turn Key Furniture Help with the Right Choice

If you are looking for a trestle table for sale, you have come to the right place. With over 20 years of experience in the furniture and hospitality industry, we understand that you need a variety of options to cater to the distinct style of your business. Our team of highly-trained professionals are here to answer any questions and explain the best options in trestle tables to buy for your company.

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